Counseling for Parents

The upbringing of a child can be fulfilling and rewarding for a parent, but it can also be challenging in many cases. The role of the parent often proves to be demanding and difficult, as the parent is responsible not only for meeting the child's needs but also for developing skills, behaviors and ethical principles, always taking into account each child's personality.

Parents can find support from a mental health counselor, especially when faced with a difficult situation, such as divorce or grief, a child's behavior at home or school, learning or developmental difficulties. Seeking help does not indicate weakness or failure in the parent's role. On the contrary, the main purpose of counseling is to strengthen and support the role of the parent, who in his/ her turn will support of his / her child and family.

Ψυχολόγος Ψυχικό Χαλάνδρι

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