20190109_163508I am a psychotherapist - mental health counselor and I work with adults and adolescents individually or in groups, as well as with parents. My experience as a psychotherapist has taught me that no problem is so insignificant as not to be discussed and assessed. The same circumstances affect each person differently and through therapy the person has the opportunity to feel heard and understood. This process can help you grow, cultivate your potential, and manage situations that are difficult for you.

I have completed my studies in Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy, receiving my Graduate Certificate in Psychology and MSc Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy degrees from the American College of Greece-DEREE. I specialize in nutritional concerns and eating disorders as I have studied Nutrition and Dietetics at Harokopio University, which was followed by my postgraduate degree in Obesity and Weight Management at Robert Gordon University.

I have been a member of a volunteer psychotherapeutic team in the City of Athens, offering counseling to socially vulnerable groups and residents of various ages with concerns such as anxiety, depression, grief, eating disorders and relational problems.

During my studies, I worked as a psychotherapist at the American College Counseling Center, providing short-term psychotherapeutic interventions and counseling sessions to college students based on respect for diversity and individuality.

Working with children through the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, Safe Touches, addressed to school units, has helped me develop ways to communicate and reach children, as well as having deeper understanding of sexual abuse and survivors of sexual abuse.

Lastly, I provide psychotherapy sessions at my office in Chalandri (Lykourgou 15), in a caring environment for people looking for a therapist with an integrative approach and way of thinking. I work based on the strengths, needs and problems of each individual.

Ψυχολόγος Ψυχικό Χαλάνδρι


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